Version 1.0.3 Beta

Bug Fix and Minimap Update
Added checkbox to enable displaying log messages in world tab
Added Minimap
Error message if attempted to load world of incorrect version
Removed Extra "Display All Blocks" in "Other" section of Settings
Reimplemented Camera to eliminate camera glitches
Fixed Keybind conflict between Redo and Cut/Paste

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SHA-1: ED90ACE1AF72EC9AC77B9DB43407948FD43456A2

Version 1.0.2 Beta

Bug fix update
Added buttons to open Survivalcraft and Logs folders
Fixed Project saving bug

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SHA-1: FE5546CC0569DBB904FDAD268CF3D6FD41E62730

Version 1.0.1 Beta

Bug fix update

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SHA-1: B7CCD15A81845D217E75C3A0C3C40855FE397F81

Version 1.0 Beta

Initial Beta release

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SHA-1: 629E802582352CA04B9062A6113EDFA430A83133

Change Log

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